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Reminder: a valid Daily Permit or Annual Membership is required for access to parks and landings at all times, 24 hours each day between May 1st and October 31st each year.

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Vilas County offers a variety of annual memberships for county residents, non-residents, Veterans/Disabled Veterans, and commercial operators featuring unlimited access to all county parks and landings.  The applicable annual membership fees are shown below. 

Vilas County Resident memberships require proof of residency and Veterans/Disabled Veterans require proof of Veteran status, so please allow up to three (3) business days for approval of Resident and Veteran/Disabled Veterans membership applications.  Non-Resident and Commercial memberships may be purchased immediately as there are no eligibility requirements.​

All Daily Permits and Annual Memberships are completely license plate based so you will not receive a physical permit/sticker and you are not required to display anything on your vehicle. 

Annual Memberships

Resident - $25.00 (per permit) 

Resident Senior (ages 65 & older) - $15.00 (per permit)  

Non-Resident - $45.00 (per permit) 

Disabled Veteran - Free (per vehicle)

Veteran - $15.00 (per vehicle)

Commercial Guide Service Single Vehicle - $250.00

Commercial Guide Service Multi-Vehicle (up to 5) - $375.00 ($25 for each additional vehicle in excess of 5)

*Convenience Fee - $4.50 (each seasonal membership purchase)


Any person who owns or rents real property within Vilas County may purchase an annual Resident membership. Proof of residence (and age (65+) for Resident Senior Memberships) will be required as part of the application process.  All proof of residence documents must include name and current Vilas County resident address. (Valid Drivers License, Government ID, Active Lease Agreement, Utility Bill, Bank Statement)

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For seasonal residents and visitors, an annual Non-Resident membership provides unlimited access to all Vilas County parks and landings. 


Any person who is an Veteran or Disabled Veteran may purchase an annual Veteran membership. Proof of Veteran/Disabled Veteran status will be required as part of the application process. Accepted proof Veteran status documentation must come in the form of a Veteran ID Card (VIC) or a Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC) and must include name.

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Commercial businesses utilizing Vilas County parks and landings in connection with the operation of a business requires an annual Commercial Membership.  Purchase Annual Commercial Membership

To purchase Multi-vehicle Commercial memberships, please click to submit form to streamline process with our customer support team.

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